Spinal Cord Seminar Series -- Fall 2015

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Spinal Cord Seminar meets from 8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m. in the Whitehead Building 6th Floor Common Room.

Host (E-mail)
October 7 Donald Noble Conditioning Slowed Breathing for Relaxation in an Animal Model Michael McKinnon & Mallika Halder
October 14 tba tba tba
October 21 tba tba tba
October 28 Paul Katz The many ways to swim a slug a SINR
November 4 Shawn Hochman THE [sympathetic postganglionic] ROOTS OF ALL [autonomic]EVIL Shawn Hochman
November 11 tba tba tba
November 18 tba tba tba
November 25 tba tba tba
December 2 tba tba tba
December 9 Shawn Hochman The quantified self: causality and prediction using continuous recordings of physio-behavioral life history in vivarium home-cages. tba
December 16 tba tba tba
December 23 tba tba tba


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