Douglas Eaton, PhD

Distinguished Professor

Emory University School of Medicine

Office: 615 Whitehead Building

Phone: 404-727-4533; Lab 404-727-7127

Fax: 404-727-2648


Additional Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Department of Physiology

615 Michael Street Atlanta, GA 30322
Whitehead Research Building, Room 605P

Atlanta, GA 30322



B.S. California Institute of Technology (Chemistry, Biology)

M.S. Scripps Institute of Oceanography (Marine Biology)

Ph.D. University of California, San Diego (Neuroscience)

Research Area:

Regulation of Ion channels


The long-term goal of my laboratory is to investigate how ion channels and transporters maintain total body electrolyte and water homeostasis with an emphasis on regulation of blood volume and blood pressure.  My major research projects are to determine the role of epithelial sodium channels (ENaC) in regulating systemic blood pressure by the kidney, and the role of ENaC and CFTR in regulating lung fluid balance.