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Ling Yu

Research Instructor

Ph.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 2004

Research Interests:

Kidney is a key organ of maintaining body electrolytes homeostasis, and therefore regulates blood pressure. Transporters at distal nephron play a fine-turning role in controlling body electrolytes balance. Among these transporters, the activity of Epithelia Sodium (Na) Channel, ENaC, determines the rate of salt and therefore water reabsorption. Mutations on ENaC are linked to inheritable blood pressure disorder. My research interests are studying the signaling molecules and their respective signaling pathways on ENaC regulation. In addition to the standard biochemistry assay, I use also Patch-clamp single channel recording method to study the regulation of ENaC surface expression and channel gating. My current ongoing subject is to identify the mechanism of WNK4 (with no lysine kinase 4) on ENaC regulation.

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Department of Physiology
Emory University School of Medicine
615 Michael Street
Atlanta, GA 30322-3110
Office: 404--727-3912

Email Address:  lyu3@emory.edu