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Jae-Kyung Lee

Assistant Professor of Physiology (Research)

Research Interests:

My research project has been focused on investigating the role of Regulator of G-protein Signaling (RGS) 10, a microglia-enriched GAP, in activation of microglia and dopaminergic neuronal survival. Initial studies demonstrated that chronic systemic inflammation led to nigral dopaminergic neuron loss in RGS10 deficient mice by regulating microglia activation. RGS10-deficient mice displayed increased microglial burden in the CNS and exposure to chronic systemic inflammation induced nigrostriatal pathway degeneration, suggesting a protective role for RGS10. Our findings raised the interesting possibility that inflammation in the brain contributes to downregulation of RGS10, dysregulation of microglial activation responses, and a self-propelling cycle of neuroinflammation in the midbrain that predisposes nigrostriatal degeneration and development of PD. Currently, our study have been extended to investigate role of RGS10 in dopaminergic neuronal survival and determine its cellular mechanism underlying.

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Department of Physiology
Emory University School of Medicine
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Atlanta, GA 30322-3110
Office: 404--727-7436

Email Address:  jaekyung.lee@emory.edu