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Inyeong Choi

Associate Professor of Physiology

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1996

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Research Interests:

Our laboratory is interested in the molecular physiology of the sodium-coupled bicarbonate transporter. This transporter affects cellular and whole cell body acid-base homeostasis because bicarbonate can titrate a hydrogen ion. The principle project in our laboratory is to characterize molecular and functional properties of the sodium/bicarbonate cotransporter NBCn1. We are focusing on the structure-function relationship of this electroneutral transporter, with an emphasis on the separable structural domains responsible for the transporter function or the channel-like properties that appear to be intrinsic to the NBCn1 molecule. The associated channel of the transporter may modulate the membrane potential of the cell and the internal ion concentration while the transporter itself regulates acid-base balance of the cell. Structural similarity between the electroneutral transporter and the electrogenic transporter makes the project feasible. The second project is to investigate protein-protein interactions between the transporter and other proteins. We know that functionally related proteins can be clustered in membranes to orchestrate cellular function. The project is to test if any crucial role of the sodium/bicarbonate transporter can be attributed to the interaction with other proteins. This postgenomic study will provide a glimpse into the dynamic cooperation of membrane proteins for cellular physiology.

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