Emory Multiplexed Immunoassay Core (EMIC)

EMIC provides the Emory University community and outside investigators from academica and industry with expertise in performance, analysis, and interpretation of multiplexed immunoassays to measure protein levels in biological matrices on the Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) platform.

MSD utlizes electrochemiluminescence to detect binding events on patterned arrays with ELISA-quality sensitivity but with a larger dynamic range using microliter volume samples.


EMIC Director: Malú G. Tansey, Ph.D malu.tansey@emory.edu

EMIC Technical Director: Jianjun Chang at jchan47@emory.edu  404-727-6134 

EMIC Business Administrator: Patricia Haugaard, phaugaa@emory.edu 404-727-3774

Emory Department of Physiology

Whitehead Biomedical Research Bldg. Room 665

Phone 404-727-6134 

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