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Donald R. Humphrey

Professor of Physiology

Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1966

Member of Graduate Program:  Neuroscience

Research Interests:

Our laboratory focuses upon the organization and the role of the primate motor cortex in the control of learned, skilled movements. Two major areas of research are currently addressed. In the first, experiments are conducted with alert, behaving monkeys in which modern electrophysiological methods are used to examine the plasticity of motor cortical representations of the body. In the second series of experiments, we are examining the extent to which the discharge of motor cortical neurons can be brought under voluntary control by the alert animal.

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Department of Physiology
Emory University School of Medicine
615 Michael Street, Suite 605M
Atlanta, GA 30322-3110
Office: 404--727-7419

Email Address:  drh@physio.emory.edu