Seminars are on Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. in the Whitehead Building 6th Floor Common Room. Informal discussion with the speaker is from 10:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Light refreshments are served at 8:45 a.m.

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2017 Seminar Series


Date Speaker Topic Host
September 7, 2017 Name goes here topic here and it will stretch if necessary Faculty host name here
September 14, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 28, 2017
October 5, 2017

Dana McTigue, PhD
Professor and Vice Chair of Research, Department of Neuroscience, Center for Brain and Spinal Cord Repair, The Ohio State University

Glial Reactions Following Spinal Cord Injury

Shawn Hochman, PhD
October 12, 2017
October 19, 2017
October 26, 2017
November 2, 2017
November 9, 2017
November 16, 2017 Michael Koval, PhD, Emory How claudin crosstalk compromises lung tight junctions
in alcoholic lung syndrome
Heping Ma

November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Holiday

November 30, 2017

Yukata Yoshida, PhD, Associate Professor, Childrens's Cincinnati

Formation and function of corticospinal circuits underlying skilled movements Paco Alvarez
December 7, 2017 Julia Kaltschmidt, PhD, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, Stanford University Mechanisms of synaptic specificity underlying interneuronal circuit formation Paco Alvarez
December 14, 2017 Phillip Popovich, PhD, Center for Brain and Spinal Cord Repair, Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research, Director of the Center for Brain and Spinal Cord Repair, Professor, Department of Neuroscience, Ohio State University TBA Shawn Hochman
December 21, 2017
December 28, 2017






Jan 12th

Dr Bradley Kenneth Taylor, Professor, Department of Physiology , University of Kentucky, College of Medicine, Lexington, KY 

Allostasis between Endogenous Opioid Analgesia and Dependence Determines the Transition from Acute to Chronic Pain

Morten Raastad

Jan 19th




Jan 26th

Annabelle Singer, Ph.D., Asst Professor

Coulter Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

Georgia Tech & Emory University

Neural Codes in Spatial Memory and Alzheimer's Disease

Marie-Claude Perreault

February 2nd

Ji-fang Zhang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, 

Vickie and Jack Farber Institute for Neuroscience, Thomas Jefferson University 



February 9th

Haydeh Payami, Ph.D., Center for Neurodegeneration and Experimental Therapeutics, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Fishing for new ways to stop Parkinson's: big catches in the gene pool

Madelyn Houser/Malu Tansey

February 16th

Dr.  Kevin Wang, Associate Professor, Director, Program for Neurotrauma, Neuroproteomics & Biomarkers Research, McKnight Brain Institute, University of Florida,

Blood-Based Traumatic Brain Injury Biomarkers as Diagnostic and Theranostic Tools: from animal models to clinical studies. 

Shawn Hochman 

February 23rd

Warren Alilain, Associate Professor, Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center, University of Kentucky  


New Frontiers in Cervical Contusion Injuries and Restoration of Respiratory Motor Function

Sandra Garraway

March 2nd

Richard T Nichols, Ph.D.Professor of  Physiology Group, School of Biological Sciences,Georgia Institute of Technology


Shawn Hochman

March 9th

Tim Cope, Ph.D.Professor of Physiology Group, School of Biological Sciences,Georgia Institute of Technology


Shawn Hochman

March 16th

Dr. Julia Kaltschmidt,Developmental Biology Program,Sloan-Kettering Institute, NY


Paco Alvarez

March 23rd

Jianguo Gu, MB, PhD., Edward A. Ernst, MD Endowed Professor and Director for Pain Research, 

Dept Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, 

School of Medicine

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Shawn Hochman

March 30th

Ona Bloom, PhD, Associate Professor

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Depts. of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Molecular Medicine, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

Anti- and Pro-Regenerative Biological Responses to Spinal Cord Injury

Shawn Hochman

April 6th




April 13th

April 20th

Clintoria R. Williams, PhD,

Assistant Professor of Medicine,

Emory University


Shawn Hochman

April 27th

Mark Bevensee, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology and Integrative Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham


Inyeong Choi/Robert Hoover

May 4th




May 11th




May 18th 




May 25th

Professor and Director, Center for Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation, University of Florida

Compensatory plasticity in motor neuron disease: the trick is to keep breathing